NextGen IT Delivery

Navigating shift to a Digital Enterprise, needs a thorough relook at current IT Delivery, adapt emerging best practices and frameworks.
Automation at the Core
Automation can reduce efforts up to 20% and bring in required agility, accuracy and consistency in IT operations.
We can engage with you and launch a program :
  • Set up automation CoE.
  • Analyze current workloads for automatability.
  • Decide on technical approach for automation.
  • Financial Impact analysis and ROI.
  • Build proof of concept.
  • Productionise automation over 2-4 quarters in target programs.
User Experience Transformation
Assess develop business case for deploying appropriate technologies / SaaS services – Office 365, service now, virtual agents, mobility solutions, app store etc. An integrated approach, can provide world class experience and improve productivity of your employees.
Globalise and Digitise Support Model
  • If you are a global organization, you need to examine for setting up global shared service center in India etc. Catering to IT & digital needs all your business units with appropriate charge back models.
  • Exploit data driven AI products to make delivery more predictable and reliable.
  • Launch reskilling programs to build capability needed for new delivery ecosystem.
  • Set up a robust service integration for new hybrid cloud, SaaS driven vendor ecosystem to ensure predictable business outcome from IT operations.
  • Establish process and compliance frameworks & train people for agile, GDPR, ISO etc
We can assign a cross functional team of specialists to develop a target delivery, architecture, model, KPIs and overarching governance framework to drive modernization of delivery and enhance impact on business outcome.