GDPR-Assessment & Implementation Roadmap

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GDPR readiness Assessment

Workshops and one on one meeting using assessment tool or questionnaires, workshops, surveys to walk through your current compliance with the new GDPR and identify significant gaps and remediation required.
A targeted and quick assessment of your compliance with the GDPR, providing a dashboard showing your readiness to comply with each of the key GDPR requirements.
Design of a tailored PIA template. Interviews with system/project owners and review of designs and documentation to assess the risks of harm to individuals through the misuse of their personal information.
A detailed assessment of your systems or projects identifying key privacy risks and remediation required to produce compliant methods for handling personal information.

Know your personal data inventory

Use any available tool to scan an agreed sample of your network and interrogate the contents of documents to understand what personal data you have in your organization and where it is.
A personal data inventory, dashboard and a data map of the data analyzed enabling you to have a clear picture of the personal data you use across your organization.

Legal support as needed

Global network of lawyers with cross border expertise, on hand to provide tailored legal advice and solutions
Legal advice tailored to the needs of organization

DPI programme and technical controls

A programme of interlinked activities to develop your privacy framework and improve your maturity and compliance with the GDPR.
Development and implementation of a robust data protection framework, remediating your GDPR compliance gaps with the help of technical controls.