DevOps Implementation

To keep up with the innovation and technology disruption happening all around a new paradigm shift was long overdue and DevOps came along as the answer to that question. DevOps philosophy emphasizes collaboration between development and operation’s team to accelerate deployment, accelerate quality of releases, enable faster innovation, and to realize operational cost savings through intelligent automation.
DevOps / Cloud-Ops Driving factors

DevOps / Cloud-Ops Driving factors

As product-based companies strive to carve a niche in digital transformation agile world, they face multiple challenges including:
  • Multiple delivery endpoints including web, mobile and device(s)
  • Virtualization at infrastructure / server / device level
  • Customer specific customization and mounting ‘lines of code’
  • Legacy device and solution support
  • Silo working teams of hardware, firmware, software, web, mobile, operations increasing release cadence
  • Device / application downtime costing millions
  • Cost considerations, improved efficiencies / more productivity

What we can offer

  • DevOps consulting – DevOps assessment framework
  • DevOps end to end implementation – continuous testing, integration, deployment monitoring DevOps tools evaluation and migration using DevOps Tool chain
  • CloudOps / managed services Infrastructure monitoring (application, network, device, cloud monitoring) Incident management, SLA service level management, virtualization Integration with multi cloud providers/third party services/ CI and CD tools
  • DevOps foundation, tools overview, in-depth training on various tools like Jenkins, Jira, Chef, Puppet, Docker, Ansible, Kubernetes, Nagios; etc. Leadership / Strategic level training.

Adding Business Value

Faster me to market – reduce cost / time to deliver by up to 65% increase in quality – Reduce cost / me to test by 70% reduced monitoring efforts through automation by up to 60%