AI Powered Test Automation

Handle your automation worries now with ease.
AI powered TestSage™ is here to save the day.!

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  • Double effort to create Manual and Automation test cases
  • Huge Automation backlog – Not in line with feature delivery
  • High maintenance effort due to application changes
  • Low ROI due to execution and result analysis over head


  • One time effort to create both Manual & Automation test steps
  • AI Assisted Auto Script healing capabilities
  • AI Assisted failure analysis and auto correction, On the fly execution infra creation
  • No automation backlog- Single effort to create both Manual & Automation cases
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1. Advanced Automations

Data driven, Reusables, Conditions,Assertions Overall Test Development effort saved by 70-80%.

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2. AI assisted maintenance

Maintenance effort reduced by 60-70%. Smart self healing of script failures due to application changes, exceptions.

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3. Script less Automation 

In-Sprint Automation resulting using Plain English statements (Test Sage grammar)/keywords.

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3. AI powered Automation 

High ROI due to low development and maintenance effort Automations generated on the fly from well documented manual test cases.


Single, Cloud based platform for all automation needs


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Web, Mobile and API Testing.

Single effort to create both Manual & Automation Test Cases

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Automations generated on the fly from well documented manual test cases.

Extensive Test Results


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High level and detail reporting – Screen shots and videos capture

Parallel Execution


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On the fly environment creation for parallel execution, browser compatibility testing

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Use Case 1

Manual test case preparation and automation for new features.

Scope: 100 test cases

Duration: 1 month

Test Execution pm: 4

Effort saving for 100 test cases and every month: 27 person day

Note: Set up effort to set up framework is not considered.

TestSage™ is a product developed by Opal Technologies , partner of Gradient M for providing niche value added services for Testing Automation.